About us

1TO1 Social has multiple processes that you do on a regular basis if you are sharing a video. We have just compressed them into an engine that can do it all for you.

There’s also the same friction in how to create the titles, tags, and descriptions properly. Some people get it, but most don’t.

So 1TO1 Social was built.

Pure fabulous
AI-based technology

A platform that not only helps you with the sharing experience, but it will also auto-suggest, (with our built-in AI engine) and auto-complete your titles, tags, and descriptions.

It will also do the whole process for you. Even if you have never opened a Youtube, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter account, our system will do it for you. Automatically. With phone verification enabled accounts.

Easy access
Top-notched Sceurity.

In dealing with clients over the years when asked if they could give access to their Youtube or Google properties, it became evident that normal everyday business people couldn’t, or maybe it was more of a, “didn’t want to” set up their own accounts. It could be that it’s difficult or looks intimidating, or they simply don’t have the time.

These were all reasons
to automate the process

in a non-malicious manner.

This is where 1TO1 stemmed from.