Founding 50

The Founding 50 for us are a special bunch for us to whom we would like to thank in a variety of ways. This group invests in 10 licenses.

Our Together way to say

  • These members will be assigned a customized dashboard that shows reference to their status.
  • They will receive their own profile on a page dedicated to the Founding 50 with links back to their site. This is completely optional and we understand if you want to keep your privacy. We respect that and will not push the matter. 
  • You will receive a custom made t-shirt with the Founding 50 status – these shirts will never be made by us again. They are strictly for these Founding members.
  • We will mention the Founding 50 in press releases with links to the dedicated page we have with all the members for more exposure.
  • We will give thanks publicly as much as we can to the Founding 50 as a token of our appreciation. We know that’s not much, but it’s something to us. 
  • Founding 50 accounts are increased to 500 (responsibly)

We are very strict about our account limits as it could jeopardize our relationship with Alphabet, Inc. as a whole. So these account holders are extremely responsible and respect Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter’s terms and conditions as well as ours.