Global Outreach Programs

1TO1 works with Urbanists Collective, a non-profit that represents and teaches local artists across the United States to bring art to technology.

We represent 1 artist a month and place their images on the dashboard of the app. These are interchangeable and optionable. We also add a link back to their work in the event that any user is interested in that particular artist.

*1TO1 has a Veterans Program that offers a 50% discount to all United States Military Veterans.

1TO1 has an Outreach Representative and will be adding 1 intern to help with this endeavor.

We work within the parameters of their marketing partnerships, but some of the organizations we focus on are the World Wildlife Fund, IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature), The Jane Goodall Institute and others that we can establish relationships with and help bring awareness to their cause.

We work with nonprofits to offer 50% on any subscription.

1TO1’s goal is to work with organizations at the city, state and government levels to help aid in the production of their training, outreach, awareness, and internal team videos.

*Military Vetting Process for Military Discount

We don’t go through the process of verifying enrollment in the military. We instead will rely on the close-knit community of individuals who look for stolen valor or military misrepresentation. If we find out that the information isn’t valid we will simply go through an online verification process in order to honor your pricing structure.

In the event a user provides misinformation, on both parts, 1TO1 Social will ban and delete your accounts and you will not be able to access our system anymore.