Our Process

1TO1 Social has multiple processes that you do on a regular basis if you are sharing a video. We have just compressed them into an engine that can do it all for you.

Instead of having to go to Youtube and navigate the gauntlet or red and black text…

you can have it done for you.

Make your stale video

When you upload a stale, static video that just comes from your phone or your computer, the look is just that…stale.  

1TO1 adds a splash of professionalism to the uploading process and gives you the option of adding a quick intro, outro, and music.

(You have the choice to add music from Youtube authorized artists, as well as local artists around the US 1TO1 Social, has established relationships within our Global Outreach Program that are licensed to use their music on Youtube.) 

All of this without having to be
a professional video editor

There are tools we can recommend to our users for a more complex process.

1TO1 takes things a step further and auto-optimizes the title based on your keyword selection and auto-populates the description based on the same keyword, to help guide you along the process.

We advise editing the description before final submission to make it more personal. Our bot will start to recognize your personality and content that’s input into the final description output and will begin to auto-populate descriptions based more along what you are inputting on a regular basis.

We do all of this
within a few clicks.

Time is important. It is the one thing you never get back. So why sit around a blank screen or use multiple programs to get something you want to get done quickly.

If you need to go back in and edit the video you can do that as well and either upload to Youtube or use 1TO1 to do a direct upload with one-click.

1TO1 will also go out and make any account that you don’t have. If you don’t know how…or simply
are just too lazy to do it by yourself, just have our bot do it for you.

Depending on which plan you are on will determine how many accounts you are allowed to make.